We East Palestine

When a Norfolk Southern train derailed on February 3, 2023 at 8:55 PM in East Palestine, our community changed forever. While images of black smoke and fire covered broadcast and social media channels, East Palestine’s residents are left to show the world that those images do not define who we are as a community. East Palestine is OUR community. We have the power to change these images to those of resiliency and hope.

Download an #EPVoices card, print it out, and write what you find AWESOME about East Palestine. Take a photo holding this card and add it to social media using the #EPVoices hashtag. Let’s show the world all of the amazing things that make East Palestine our home!

Download and print an #EPVoices Card.

In bold letters, write something that is AWESOME about East Palestine.

Take a photo of you holding your card.

Post your card to social media using #EPVoices.

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